Topp Care is certified by US Trichology Institute & a Member of British Herbal Medicine Association. Topp Care incorporates products made of high quality Western Botanicals natural ingredients with properties that promote hair growth and scalp health into each step of every treatment.

Topp Care provides solutions for everyone from all ages, young and old, hair greying issues with our Signature Hair Treatment, Absolutte Hair Masque. All treatments are administered by Topp Care’s US Trichology Institute Certified Specialists and professional therapists, and include “hair-friendly” ingredients such as aloe vera, burdock and thyme.


For Thinning and Greying Hair

For Dandruff and Oily Scalp

For Hair Strengthening and Shine

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“After the treatments, I find that my scalp feels so much lighter and when I run my fingers thru my scalp, my scalp doesn’t feel oily and it feels quite nice. I love clean and fresh feeling scalp! “
“It is so obvious that my oiliness has improved and my follicles are so clear now too!”

“Right after the treatment, I felt that my scalp is much more refreshed and cleansed of all the dirt, grime and sebum that’s been built up.”


“My head feels really light-weight after the 45 minutes treatment. Detoxifying your scalp is a great process to include in your healthy hair care regimen at least once or twice a month!”
“My hair definitely look softer and smoother after the whole treatment, and best part of it, it lasted me at least a week plus without doing my own home treatment.”

“Really impressed with their excellent service. Nice treat to have a little relaxing ‘me’ time from the demands of motherhood and my busy work schedule.”