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Our Vision

  • To inspire our colleagues, customers and the society to be happier and harmonious through our products, services and philosophy.

Our Mission

  • To deliver effective scalp care and hair beautifying services to all, using high-quality natural botanical ingredients to enhance client’s image.

Good hair health is crucial to looking and feeling good and hair issues such as hair loss, thinning and greying hair can often take a toll on your confidence and emotional wellbeing. At Topp Care, we aim to recommend and provide you with the best treatment options possible for your individual hair concerns so that you can look and feel your best.

Topp Care’s Absolutte Masque Hair Treatment helps to counteract age-related hair changes and reverse the symptoms of grey hair while providing essential nutrients for hair loss prevention. This treatment also cleanses the scalp and follicles of impurities, and activates scalp cells so as to prevent premature aging and restore moisture in the scalp and hair follicles. People of different age groups tend to face different hair issues and Topp Care provides a solution for everyone: a variety of customised masques to target individual hair concerns.

Our Award

Topp Care is a recipient of the Singapore Heartland Enterprise Star Award and has also been featured in LianHe WanBao. The Topp Care team has always provided excellent and affordable services to its customers and this has allowed them to maintain strong and positive customer relationships over the years. With treatments that are focused on the use of natural ingredients rather than harsh chemicals, Topp Care takes special care to ensure that customers have a safe and pleasant experience on their journey to achieving their hair goals.