Alfred Sng

“Did a scalp scan for the first time but I quickly got comfortable thanks to the friendly staff, Helen. The treatment is customised to my scalp condition and I noticed a difference on my scalp right after the treatment.”

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Jacelyn Phang
Influencer/Corporate Feng Shui Speaker

“Each step of the process were all super comfortable. The therapists were very willing to share USEFUL hair care tips with me and my hair felt lighter and cleaner after the treatment.”

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Maya Hazel Qin

“I can feel that my scalp got cleaner and fresher with my hair feeling lighter and bouncier because it is not weighed down due to oiliness which I had previously.”

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Ruby Liang

“I not only felt the change, I saw the change! Helen gave me a scan on my scalp, and instead of oily, dandruff filled and white hair, what I saw was darker hair and cleaner scalp! No clogs of dandruff, sebum and that oiliness stint anymore! I look so much different without the white strands of hair hidden among my healthier mane, I look fresher! I didn’t expect that Topp Care Hair Solutions could actually be my solutions for looking younger!”

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Vivien Yap

“My scalp looked much cleaner and unclogged to absorb the required nutrients that encourages hair growth. I was really impressed with their excellent service over the period of my visit.”

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Darren Ang

“I’m impressed with Topp Care customised treatment. It helps prevent hair loss and supports regenerative functions to promote hair growth, promotes blood circulation and therefore also fortify and thicken hair too. Looks like this is the ideal treatment for my current hair scalp condition!”

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Randy Toh

“After my first treatment, I could feel a cleaner scalp! Can’t wait to be back again for my next treatment!”

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Grace Soh

“I could see significant improvement as the pores on my scalp are definitely clearer and healthier now!”

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“The therapist was detailed in her description of my condition but at the same time was reassuring me that my scalp condition is worth taking note of!”

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Jeanel Goh

“After the treatment, I feel that my hair is softer, more manageable and keeps my scalp clean and healthy!”

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Bloggers Review

“After the treatments, I find that my scalp feels so much lighter and when I run my fingers thru my scalp, my scalp doesn’t feel oily and it feels quite nice. I love clean and fresh feeling scalp! “
“It is so obvious that my oiliness has improved and my follicles are so clear now too!”

“Right after the treatment, I felt that my scalp is much more refreshed and cleansed of all the dirt, grime and sebum that’s been built up.”


“My head feels really light-weight after the 45 minutes treatment. Detoxifying your scalp is a great process to include in your healthy hair care regimen at least once or twice a month!”
“My hair definitely look softer and smoother after the whole treatment, and best part of it, it lasted me at least a week plus without doing my own home treatment.”

“Really impressed with their excellent service. Nice treat to have a little relaxing ‘me’ time from the demands of motherhood and my busy work schedule.”